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Central Vacuum Cleaner Pipes

Central vacuum system pipes are pipes that are used in the central vacuum system.
NeyPoolica offers central vacuum pipes with thickness of 2.8 and size 50 in yellow. Contact us for more information.

Product Specifications

Thickness (mm)
Standard 11215-21

In the central vacuum system, the central vacuum unit is installed in a place such as a technical room or cold room, and the central vacuum tubes of different lengths and sizes are placed throughout the building.

The main application of central vacuum tubes is to transfer dust and airborne particles from different parts of the building to the central vacuum unit. By using central vacuum tubes, users can easily and centrally collect dust from all rooms and spaces by connecting the vacuum tube to different parts of the building.

Using a central vacuum cleaner system with central vacuum pipes leads to advantages such as reducing the noise of the vacuum cleaner, not needing to carry and maintain a portable vacuum cleaner unit, reducing air pollution inside the building and increasing productivity.

NeyPoolica produces central vacuum tubes with the best quality and the best raw materials.

Size (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Number in box
Price (IRR)
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Central Vacuum System

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