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About NeyPoolica

Yazd Plastic Industries (NeyPoolica), has been operating since 1979 in the field of construction pipes and fittings, urban water and sewage transmission, pipelines and fittings for agricultural industries, etc. With almost five decades of experience in the UPVC pipe and fittings industry and employing an experienced and committed staff, this group has a wide variety of products in this industry.

NeyPoolica has always tried to obtain the satisfaction of customers to a significant extent with the stability of the price and quality of its products over many years. Yazd Plastic Industries (NeyPoolica) provides mutual trust with consulting and post-sales services, efforts to respond to diverse customer demands and high flexibility of production lines and long-term cooperation with its customers.

What's U-PVC?

UPVC is the most common material available for making water and sewage disposal pipes, and due to its light and resistant composition, it is considered a better alternative to PVC. U-PVC, with lower cost and greater resistance to damage and various conditions, is used in sewage piping, ventilation or gutters. Its advantages include resistance to sunlight, light weight, strength against impact and various weather conditions.

U-PVC pipes and fittings produced by Yazd Plastic Industries (NeyPoolica) are produced from the best materials and pass all quality control tests by the laboratory of this group. The received national and European standards of NeyPoolica are proof of the quality and credibility of this brand in the pipe and fittings industry.

Why NeyPoolica?

Yazd Plastic Industries (NeyPoolica) has all the required licenses for the production of U-PVC pipes with the highest quality level of national and international standards, which has made this company one of the first manufacturing companies with a license to use the national standard mark. In addition to national standards, NeyPoolica has the European CE standard, ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO14001:2015 standards and Integrated Management System (IMS) certification and quality control management system requirements. In addition to the above reasons, Yazd Plastic Industries has the most equipped quality control laboratory for pipes and fittings in Iran, which performs all quality control tests on its raw materials and products.

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Application Cases Of Our Products

NeyPoolica’s UPVC products are used in construction sewage system, urban water supply, pressurized irrigation system and rain drainage, as well as building ventilation and electric cables. These products are produced with the best raw materials and meet the needs of customers. NeyPoolica’s U-PVC pipes and fittings have been tested in the laboratory of Yazd Plastic Industries and our experts ensure the quality of all products so that customers can use these products and their wide applications without any problems. Also, NeyPoolica’s UPVC pipes and fittings have been used in various conditions for many years, and their durability and high efficiency have been proven in practice.

Urban water supply system

Municipal sewage system

pressurized irrigation system

Water supply system from water wells

Building water supply and sewage system

Rainwater drainage system

Building ventilation system

Transmission of electrical cables

Building ventilation system


We have answered your most frequent questions! Your most important questions about NeyPoolica products and services are categorized in this section. If you do not find a question, please contact us.

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Do you accept international orders?

Yes. Upon completion of your order, your credit card will be charged for the entire purchase. We will ship the goods to the third party distribution facility where they will process the order and transport the goods to your international address. call us now to more information.

What is the typical length of a PVC pipe?

It is conventional to use rigid PVC pipes of lengths between 3 m and 6 m in all applications although it is also possible to use pipes in lengths of up to 12 m on special projects.

Can PVC pipes be recycled?

Yes, PVC pipes are easily recyclable. Due to the material’s unique properties PVC pipes and other rigid PVC products can be recycled 8-10 times without losing their technical properties.

How to purchase NeyPoolica's products?

You can contact the company’s contact number during office hours to order NeyPoolica’s products. Also, you can register your request on NeyPoolica’s website 24 hours a day so that our colleagues will contact you.

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