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About NeyPoolica

Yazd Plastic Industries was established in 1979 with the understanding of the society’s need for the development of water and sewage transfer systems. With an experienced staff and years of experience in the pipe and fittings industry, this company markets its products under the NeyPoolica brand.

NeyPoolica has always tried to provide long-term cooperation and mutual trust with the stability of the price and quality of the products produced and supplied over many years, consulting and post-sales services, trying to respond to the diverse demand of customers due to the high flexibility of the production lines.

In 1999, Yazd Plastic Industries (NeyPoolica) was equipped with a quality control laboratory with the latest tools and equipment to ensure the highest quality of its kind, and to continuously control its products during production. This approach and double and collective effort finally resulted in obtaining the license to use the national standard mark in the field of U-PVC pipes production, which made this collection one of the first units in this production group with this license.

Why NeyPoolica?

NeyPoolica has a license to use the national standard mark in the field of U-PVC pipes production, which made this collection one of the first units to have this license.

Based on the standard of existing hard U-PVC pipes and due to the existence of many advanced and up-to-date production lines in the world, it is possible to produce all types of U-PVC in accordance with the following standards:

National Standard 9119 of pipes used in the discharge of drainage sewage under pressure buried in the soil and above ground level.

National standard 21-11215 pipes used for cable management and rigid protective pipe systems.

National standard 12142-1 for pipes used in rainwater transport, in adhesive form.

In addition to the above standards, Yazd Plastic Industries (NeyPoolica) has the European CE standard, ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO14001:2015 standards and Integrated Management System (IMS) certificate and quality control management system requirements.

Some of NeyPoolica's Customers

The honor of working with different brands and organizations in the country.

Guaranteed quality control with Yazd Plastic Industries' laboratory

Yazd Plastic Industries considers it its duty to provide customers with reliable and high-quality products by carefully controlling the quality of raw materials, the production process and the final product. For this purpose, this company, by building one of the most equipped quality control laboratories for pipes and fittings, conducts all the required tests on its products and raw materials to ensure their full compliance with national and international standards, and the results are also communicated to customers.

Yazd Plastic Industries Laboratory conducts its tests in two parts of polymer additive tests and products, in accordance with the national standards of Iran and the latest international standards.

The standard tests for control and quality of UPVC pipes that take place in the laboratory are:

  • Dimensional control test (wall thickness determination and external diameter measurement)
  • Density determination test by immersion method
  • Examination of the appearance of the pipe (internal and external surfaces, color, markings)
  • Test to determine the percentage of longitudinal changes (longitudinal return) against heat
  • Test to determine pipe resistance against internal pressure
  • Test to determine pipe resistance against impact (clock-pendulum rotation)
  • Pipe stability test in dichloromethane
  • Test to determine the annular stiffness of the pipe
  • Vicat softening temperature test